Caddo Ranch: The Heart of Oklahoma Deer Country

Caddo Ranch is located in prime white tail deer territory. The ranch itself sits on 700 acres of land that varies from rolling hills and thickly forested creek bottoms to flat open highlands. The white tail flourish in the natural oak and sycamore cover as well as the wide open spaces of the ranch, roaming wild and free. With plenty of water, natural food (acorns and meadow food plots) and a protein boost during the winter, our hardy deer grow healthy, sturdy and big.

Caddo Ranch: A Rich History

Human habitation of the ranch dates back more than 4,000 years. The Wichita and Caddo native groups can be linked to this land at least two thousand years. Ancient arrowheads are frequently found on the ranch. The last elected Chickasaw governor, Peter Maytubby, took title to lands that include what is now Caddo Ranch as part of his allotment under the historic Dawes Act in the 1800’s. More recent owners of the ranch include country western singer/songwriter Roger Springer and the Donald Trump family.

Caddo Ranch: More Than a Deer Hunting Ground

Deer hunting is front and center at Caddo Ranch. But it’s by no means the only thing to do. The ranch offers wild pig, coyote and bobcat hunts any time and turkey and game bird hunts in season as well. Fishing in our lake and ponds never disappoints. Exploring on foot or on whisper quiet Polaris EV’s brings guests up close and personal to the ranch’s varied wildlife. With its comfortable lodging and amenities, Caddo Ranch is also a great base camp to return to at night after exploring Southeast Oklahoma’s many attractions.

caddo lodge
lake at caddo ranch